The ugly look of a moss on roofs is not appealing at all, but it’s the only reason why it is important to control the moss on your roof. Moss and algae are likely to grow on areas of the roof, they often grow rapidly in which they remain wet after a rainfall and does not dry completely and that causes the shingles to raised, shake, and loosened. During the rainy season, water can back up beneath the dislodged and raised roofing and can cause a leak on interiors and water damage. In addition, lifted shingles are at risk to the wind, ice damage, and wind drive rain.  


A green coating of algae often accompanied the moss, especially on the areas that have not yet populated by moss. Algae grow to be very slippery and treacherous and have associated with many roof-related disasters. Call a professional to help remove your moss problem.    

There are many things you need to know when it comes to moss removal and treatment and to keep moss off your roof. In Portland moss removal experts offer excellent services that will save you from the hassle in the future. Hiring a professional to take care of your roof also means extending its lifespan. It is actually recommended to do roof moss treatment and moss removal annually.    

There are many methods for treating and removing moss on your roof. Though some of them are beneficial, you should also be careful with the methods that might significantly damage your roof. Many companies are offering soft washing as roof cleaning methods. This technique is great but may not be applicable to composite shingle. Soft washing can be harmful on composite roof shingles, even though the moss will die after they are being sprayed and will fall off over the time. But soft washing has soap and detergents and since there’s petroleum in a composite roof shingles that hold the granules down this process can be harmful. If you have observed when you use any kind of detergent or soap in washing oil off your hands, soap cuts right through the oil and break it down. Same goes with the roof, soft washing method breaks down the petroleum this process also loosen the granules.  

Another method of roof cleaning you need to be aware of is the pressure washing.  You may want to look at and check your roof after it is pressured wash you might be lucky to see if there are still granules left on your precious roof. There are online loans that offer home improvement like this page a legit lender online.

When it comes to removing and treating moss on your roof the best method of cleaning could be done through gentle hand brushing. This is actually a thorough process, this will physically remove all the moss from your roof. After moss is being removed along with all the debris during the home inspection, the gutter should be cleaned too in order to avoid downspouts from clogging.    

After the removal of roof moss, an eco-friendly roof treatment must be applied but in order to do this, it is a must to ensure that the roof has been free from all the moss. Applying a treatment keeps moss from growing for up to a year. Also, annual roof treatments must be scheduled in order to keep your roof free from moss and extend the lifespan of your roof.